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My goal is to accompany you to success.

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The App

Your all-in-one app

Your support

In your 1 to 1 coaching we are constantly in touch to not lose sight of your goal. Your questions for me let us achieve your goal in focus.

Your progress

With your personal app you have all the steps at a glance and can thus keep your motivation up. Together we agree to your goal in mind.

Your training plan

Your workouts adapted to your schedule and lifestyle. Effective and profitable suited to your needs and your progression forward.

Your diet plan

Delicious, alternating and simple recipes with the perfectly matched nutrients to achieve your desired weight.

My Beliefs

What I believe in

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Your success

I am convinced that a healthy diet, adapted to your needs, paired with a training plan will lead to your success.

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Your confidence

Healthy recipes do not have to take long or be expensive. You decide how much commitment you want to achieve your goal at what time.

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Your lifestyle

We adapt your personal sports units to your lifestyle habits! A round concept is the key to success!

Katja Schmidt

About Your Coach

As a certified nutritionist and fitness trainer, I help accompany people towards a healthier, fitter life. We now lay the foundation for a healthy body also in old age. Every day is the right one to start, we have only this one body all our life.

Sports has always been my passion. From the experience of athletics, handball, triathlon and running, my customers benefit in power units with their own body weight, outdoor training and strength training with weights in the studio.


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Start today!

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